On Nov 5, 2013 a team of 100 volunteers from Fluent Home (employees from all across North America and here in Edmonton), completed the interior demolition of iHuman‘s 22,000 square foot warehouse in Edmonton's Quarters District.


Are you in?

Would you share your talents if it meant one youth would be given a chance to change their life’s path, and realize his or her potential? It is not only the people in the public eye who have a chance to leave a legacy in this city. Each one of us has a stake in our community, and has the capacity, capability, and desire to make a difference.

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Heroes Need Apply

Saying “yes” to iHuman’s cooperative renovation project means you and Edmonton's construction leaders will rally your talents and join a team of community-building heroes.

Participants will exchange a moment in time for many lifetimes of potential found.

The kids at iHuman live a rough life on the streets. iHuman is one environment where they feel safe, and partake in outreach programs that help each one rebuild self-esteem and trust, essential for reconnecting with their purpose in the community. Though the renovation of iHuman’s new home will amount to a short moment in time, the outcome will last lifetimes, giving Edmonton’s youth a chance to change their life paths and realize what they are capable of achieving.

Show up and share your talents. The stage ls set.

The cooperative renovation project of the 22,000 square foot building in Edmonton's “Quarters” will be documented on film and broadcast nationally. Suppliers and trades will work alongside Edmonton's construction leaders, including KELLERDENALI Construction, PCL Construction, Clark Builders, and Stuart Olson Dominion, to support a project that will revive Edmonton's inner city and give iHuman kids a permanent home in which to grow and prosper. With project management and permits in place and drawings complete – we are appealing to you and your expertise to review the issued building permit drawings to bring forward solutions and contribute in-kind services and supplies to make iHuman’s new home a reality.



Special thanks to the following for supporting iHuman and the All in! Edmonton:



Special thanks to the Anne and Eldon Foote Family Foundation of ECF who have donated $1 Million dollars towards operating and building support. Special thanks to Phyllis and John Johnson for their generous donation of art supplies and storage units for the new studio facility.